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5 Annoying Client Behaviors & How to Say NO to Them!

All your clients need you to be at your best. To be professional, calm, clear-headed, a pleasure to work with. But is this possible when you’ve got some clients who follow best practices & some who don’t? I think if you asked a Magic 8 Ball you’d get “my sources say no” as your answer.

Your problem clients cause a much greater expenditure of energy from you, leaving you depleted for your dream clients. And that’s not what you signed up for when you decided to become an entrepreneur, is it?

Possible Solutions:

  • Fire them… even though you need all the clients you can get

  • Ghost them… which is definitely professional & grown up

  • Keep working with them just as you are… despite the soul-sucking side effects that exhaust you

OOORRRRRR you could:

  • Unleash Your NO on them… with my simple video guide (keep scrolling!).

This process isn’t difficult nor is it boring, and you can do it anytime, at your own pace. It can help you gently erase the client behaviors that add stress, so you can redraw your business boundaries the way YOU choose.

Your clients will ALL be rewarded with a more chill, less anxious YOU. And that’s a win for EVERYBODY.

Grab this fun Printable Quick Reference Guide to help you stay sharp!


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