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Purchase, Refund & Cancellation Policies


All purchases are final. All plans are prepaid & automatically renew at the end of your preferred billing cycle (monthly or annual).

Got questions? Get them answered! Write to us at with questions about your purchases (current or future).


We have an open door policy. You are free to cancel your paid plans at any time. You can do this yourself or by writing to us at prior to your next billing date.


We do not provide prorated refunds for the remaining membership value, except in extraordinary circumstances (please see Refunds section below). However, you are welcome to continue availing our services until your plan ends!


We do not provide refunds, prorated or otherwise, except in extraordinary circumstances (detailed below).


We provide a variety of free community resources to help you get started & to determine whether we are the right fit for you. You can explore all our free resources here: (link)


Please be responsible with your purchases & be an informed shopper. Ask lots of questions & try before you buy!

Refund Exceptions

We offer refunds in the following exceptional circumstances:

  • If we fail to deliver promised services (Full refund)

  • If we terminate our relationship because you failed to adhere to our company values (Partial Refund)

  • For Annual Plans only - If you wish to terminate our relationship due to exigent circumstances (Partial Refund)

Also, we do not work on major holidays. No credits are issued for these closures.

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