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Dream   Desk

Dream. Design. Distribute.

Custom Digital Journals, Planners & Guides

for Spiritual, Mindfulness & Personal Development Brands

Create stunning, tailor-made digital offerings that highlight your knowledge and expertise while generating sales!


What's Included?


     Selection of pre-designed, themed Monthly Covers + Page Layouts for Journals, Planners & Guides

     Guidance & Prompts to create custom content for your brand

     2-hour Monthly Creation Meeting to create 1 Digital Product each month - from Start to Finish

     Chat support throughout the month to brainstorm ideas, shop set up & promotion

    Physical, print-on-demand products

    1:1 brand design call included as well!


DreamDesk Founders:

       Monthly - $27 per month

       One-time - $199 for 6 months
(includes a 1:1 Brand Design call)

Calls will be on the 1st Friday of every month (evening - EST)


DreamDesk Cohort 2:

       Monthly - $99 per month

       One-time - $499 for 6 months

Calls will be on the 1st Friday of every month

No Refunds (Please see Refund Policy)



Build gorgeous, custom digital products that showcase your expertise + sell!

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