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Trade All Your Hustle Hats for One Ninja Mask.
And Some Belts.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…


“I’ve got too much on my plate and I’m constantly playing catch-up. I’m exhausted.” 😓


“There is too much to do. I don’t know where to start or which ideas to put my energy towards. I feel overwhelmed.”



“I’m working ALL the time and putting in a lot of effort but I’m not seeing results. I feel like I’m spinning my wheels.”  


Entrepreneurs, coaches, and mentors often talk about having to

wear “many hats” every day. 


There also seems to be much lamenting about how difficult it is to do. 

(If the word “lamenting” sounds unfamiliar to your busy ears, it could be because you haven’t had time to read a book just for pleasure in… how long??? Let’s change that.)


Do you need help with knowing…


✨What to do

✨Where to be 

✨What to prioritize order to grow your business? 

Running a business is a marathon, not a sprint. 🏃‍♀️


You have to pace yourself and take targeted action. Getting yourself organized, having a balanced schedule, and setting good work boundaries for yourself are an essential part of your success.


Why? Because they help you go the distance while…

✨Preserving your sanity

✨Keeping your Family & Friends happy

✨Giving you adequate time for creative thinking

Ready to “Jackie Chan” your life

and become an Organization Ninja?


Grab your Ninja Mask and Earn your Belt in Organization

The "Starter Ninja" Package


The perfect package for the DIY Ninja. 


Access to All 12 DIY Organization Ninja Templates with Instructional Videos to simplify and clear out your Physical, Mental & Emotional Clutter!

Once the Ninja masters these Templates, she is able to apply them to more than just Business! They help with Life!


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Coming Soon!


one-time purchase

The "Gimme Some Coaching & Support, Please" Package

  • Membership to Calendar Club - limited to 10 members**

  • 90-Minute Group Coaching & Team Supported Planning once per week

  • 90-Day Planner Template

  • 90-Day Goal Setting & Project Planning



 Receive a complimentary 1:1 session to streamline your ideal schedule + 90 Day goals


Lock in the price as long as your membership is active. 

 $149  per month

Green Belt

DIY Ninja Strategy

Yellow Belt

Bonus Ninja Strategy

And everyone’s favorite

“I Want It Yesterday” Package

They don’t call it martial hustle & sacrifice, they call it martial ARTS.

To get your black belt in anything you’ve got to do more than learn how to strike.


You’ve got to learn how to dance.  

The Dance:

  • Weekly 90-Minute 1:1 Planning Sessions

  • Leadership Skills Development

  • 90-Day Planner Template 


$999 per month

Black Belt

VIP Ninja Strategy

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