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Tell me if this sounds familiar…


I AM sooooo excited (I'm totally not! 🤐) to work with you (domineering hangry control freak) on another project (last time I almost set my hair on fire 😏).

What's a good time for us to meet this week (I will try my best to get food poisoning in the meantime 😵‍💫)?”  


Wish it were easier to say NO to things & people that make you feel like this?

Things that suck the life & soul out of you & leave you depleted for the things you actually want to do?

Things you agreed to but make you want to send out RSVPs along the lines of........

“ Hey I need to postpone our Zoom because I just found out I 'm moving to Antartica on Thursday.

As a boss, you’ve got 99 problems.


And the solution for all of them involves saying NO. You’ve got to say NO to the wrong strategies, the wrong clients, overscheduling, overcommitting, undercharging, overspending, boundaries, relationships, external noise, terrible advice that isn’t many things!

I know…😅

Somedays I feel like Oprah - you get a No & you get a No & you get a No!

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Adulting is hard...

saying NO doesn't have to be.

Wanna say No…without breaking a sweat?

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